Michael Caberic on Growth, Toxic Filipino Mentality and Gender

Michael Caberic  on Growth, Toxic  Filipino Mentality  and Gender

Leave no words unsaid and no questions unasked. I reminded myself when the day to interview my good friend, Michael Caberic, has been set. We must not only catch up. I must also make sure to hear everything about his take on growth, toxic Filipino mentality and gender.

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I was sure that had I not decided to face my fears of offending people by means of asking my questions, these questions would never stop being unsaid. I deserve a pat on my back for finally pinning an old friend down and forcing my mouth to spit the words to give an ending to my guilt for not being a good friend who knows a friend deeply.

This decision, I had to make to somehow make peace with an old part of myself who seemed to have taken so many things for granted.

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In this episode, I have Cabs. A friend I met at work in the Philippines 10 years ago. I was just blown away by his jolliness, warmth, wits, talents, humility, kindness and sense of adventure that even when everybody was already panicking or at the edge of their emotions due to job related stress, would remain calm and still would punch a joke or two to lighten up the situation.

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I also got the chance to live and work in Malaysia with him. I just love his positivity and it’s just a joy having him around. He now lives and works in Singapore busy having fun with his newly launched podcast called Samutsari which he co-hosts with one of our good friends, Celso.

In this episode we talked about things we never really talked about despite being friends for quite some time now and I asked him questions I never dared asking. We looked back on how far we’ve come and how much we have grown.

I had so much fun recording this episode that took us nearly two hours to record where we laughed most of the time I feared there’d be no decent episode to be published.

I hope you enjoy this episode like how we enjoyed recording it and share with your friends.

Check his Instagram  @gocabzgo for more of his work and if you’re from the Philippines or happen to understand Tagalog, their podcast, Samutsari, is on Spotify.

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