Alissa Martin on Building Mental Toughness and The Power of Pivot

In this episode, Alissa amazed me not just by her knowledge, kindness and warmth but most especially by her generosity with information and the courage in talking about her struggles, her experiences, what she learned from it, how more open she became to learning new things and trying different paths in life. She bravely talks about building mental toughness, the power of pivot and creativity as form of self-care.

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I felt understood. I felt someone has read my thoughts aloud that “fun” was the only word I could easily find to describe how recording this chat with with Alissa Martin, the founder and host of Mental Strength Notes, the person behind the blog, Alissaelephant.com and the vlog, Alissa Elephant, felt like.

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This was also where I understood the true meaning of virtual besties and I am grateful for this blog and podcast for allowing me to connect with like-minded people even if it’s only virtually at the moment. I am also grateful that through my podcast, I am, little by little, overcoming my fears of talking to people who seem to intimidate me for how collected and brilliant they look like.

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My goal in launching a podcast was not to talk about myself and my thoughts all the time. My goal is to train myself to ask the important life questions, be confident in asking them and learn more by picking others’ brains by spending quality time getting to really know them. To feel connected was just cherry on top of the cake.

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My podcast is teaching me to avoid repeating only what I know by letting others speak. This is something new to me for, before healing fully, I refused to reach out. I let myself suffer in silence thinking that it was only me struggling and admitting that I was struggling was a shame or even a sign of weakness.

Visit www.alissaelephant.com for more self-improvement tips and to support her work. You can also follow her journey on Instagram.

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Alissa Martin on Building Mental Toughness and The Power of Pivot

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