Silvia Cosma on Chasing Childhood Dreams In Style

“Confident” This is the first word that always runs inside my head whenever I’d see her photos on social that I felt the need to have her on the podcast for the chance to ask her how she did it all.

In this episode, we cornered Silvia Cosma of My Style 5. The genius behind the blog MyStyle5.com and the vlog, My Style 5. Silvia initially created MyStyle5 in 2017 as a personal style blog which later on became her Style and Personal Branding Coaching business. She is originally is from Romania and chasing her childhood dreams lead her to the Netherlands.

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Silvia talks about her childhood in Romania, whom she looked up to for inspiration, what she learned in school, what jobs she held before she became her own boss now, how she gained confidence, body positivity, moving to the Netherlands and going all in for her love for fashion, beauty, art, life and her now passion for helping others to get there too.

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A dream come true and sounds so easy, beautiful and magical, right? Yet not everybody talks about what’s behind what society thinks as “successful” and what it takes to start taking the first step to be able to “live the life”. In this conversation, we have proven that no matter how complicated the paths creative entrepreneurs take, we can walk it in style.

Check more of her work at www.mystyle5.com and on Instagram
You can avail her ebook  course at https://payhip.com/b/0NSZ
You can also book her coaching services at https://calendly.com/silvia-cosma/30min

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