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I’m Dani. The face behind This Village Girl.


This Village Girl is an online diary where you’ll find mostly about personal growth and development, book reviews and travel.

How can we work together?

You want to launch a blog or build a website that will offer your freelancing services but you:

1. Don’t know where and how to start

2. Feel so overwhelmed and scared

3. Just don’t have the time

I feel you. It is not as easy with a day job and all other adulting responsibilities. It is time consuming and yes, mind-boggling and intimidating. I know because I built my two sites from scratch and taught myself not just to design but also to make them my source of income plus understanding the ever changing social media algorithm. It is hard to keep up.

How can we work together?

-Coaching (Life Coaching, Life Purpose and Blogging and Monetization)


-Logo Design

-Pinterest Strategy / Pinterest Management / Board and Cover Creation / Pin Creation

-Social Media Graphic Creation / Social Media Management and Strategy

-Growth Strategy

-Media Kit Creation

-Wordpress Installation and Setup

-Lead Magnet Creation and Email Provider Set up

-Start Up Package (Web hosting advice, WordPress Installation, Professional Email Creation, Social Media Creation, Logo Creation, Branding Advice, Pinterest for Business Set up plus Boards and Cover Creation and website claim, Lead Magnet and Resources Library Creation and Email Provider Advice and Setup, Media Kit Creation plus Email Template for Sponsorship Pitch)

I charge $50 hourly for coaching and consultation.

Want to say hi, ask some questions or collaborate or work on a project?

Lovely! I would love to hear from you.

Do you want to write for or advertise on This Village Girl or Virtual Besties?

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Some Brands I’ve Worked With

Brands This Village Girl worked withBonn Greeters

Brands This Village Girl worked with

Brands This Village Girl worked withBonn Greeters

Guest Posts

“Nothing is more painful than an untold story.” -Maya Angelu. That’s why This Village Girl has two categories open for a #GirlBoss or a #Wanderess like you. People and Untold Stories which aims to hold women’s hands during difficult times and second, Don’t Fall in Love with a Passerby which tells a tale of a broken wandering heart. Either which way, your captivating story is welcome.

TVG is not just my story.

TVG is the story of every beautiful soul like you.

Articles may be about Personal Growth and Development, Change, Motivation, Inspirational stories, Women Empowerment, Good Habits, Expat Life, Moving Abroad, Travel, Minimalism, Simple Living, Body Positivity, Self love, Self care, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, Hygge, Routines, Lifestyle, Wellness or Travel. 

Articles must be between 800 to 1200 words and written in  motivating, inspiring, helpful, conversational and helpful tone. 

Articles must be original and were not published and will not be published anywhere even on your website. 

Articles can only contain your links and no affiliate links. Your article will have your bio, your photo, links to your social media accounts and your website. 

Guest Posts are not paid.

Please send your articles to 

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