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10 Ways To Stop Yourself From Being a Slave To Your Emotions


Whether it’s about relationships, career, or well-being, our emotions affect our reactions most of the time. Knowing how to ride through indecisive situations by finding ways to become emotionally strong can change our way of life.





Knowing how to manage your emotions and command why you’re feeling them can help you understand yourself much better and become emotionally strong.






Here are some of the ways to take charge of your emotions and take rational decisions.






1.    Recognize the emotions you are experiencing






You can only manage something if you know what you are dealing with. No one knows your emotions better than yourself. You are sad, happy, nervous or anxious, you always know how you are feeling.






Why are you feeling so, is there any external event or incident, which has triggered that feeling? OR is it because of some thoughts of the past?






Asking yourself these questions is the first step to learning how to control your emotions and don’t let them affect your decisions.





2.   Release your emotions






Do not let your bottled up inside, it may lead to physical pains or aches. Find a healthy way to let it out.






Try the reverse counting (10, 9, 8, 7….) or deep breathing techniques (simply breathe in deeply and let go, do it for 2-3 minutes).






Many people release your emotions by writing them down on paper (I do this too). Whereas, others release them through aggressive kickboxing or martial arts.






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All of these methods are good and effective, the whole idea is to not to hold the emotions for long and release them as early as possible.






3.   Create your own affirmation and repeat it






Create your affirmation or a phrase that you repeat to yourself until you develop control of your emotions. This will help you to be aware of your feelings and gets the motivation to cope with the difficult emotions.






4.   Change the way you usually think






When you react to a situation negatively, you are being a slave of your emotions. Take out some time to reframe your thoughts by focusing on positive things in your life.






Being positive and replacing negative thoughts with something that made you feel happy, can help you to change your reaction towards your triggers.






5.    Make Healthy Choices






Making healthy choices for yourself such as self-care, getting enough sleep, regular exercising, eating healthy foods, taking care of your skin, cultivating hobbies etc.






Following healthy habits and taking care of your physical well-being helps in boosting your mood even when you confronted with strong emotions. On the other hand, relying on alcohol or drugs may suppress the emotion for a while but it only escalates the situation.






6.   Connect with friends






We are all social beings. Spending time with your friends or family promotes a positive mood when you are feeling emotionally low. Feeling of love or laughing together is a healthy distraction that allows you to take charge of your emotions.






7.   Don’t judge yourself






Stop judging yourself. The worst and the easiest thing we do is “judgement”. When we judge ourselves in a negative situation we often find ourselves guilty.





Guilt is another cruel emotion that pulls you down. Embrace your emotions for what they are, not for who you really are and don’t try to shut them out when you feel them.






8. Don’t be impulsive






Do not react to any situation instantly. Stop and wait for the emotional part of your brain to abate before taking action. The emotional part of our brain is stronger than the rational part. Waiting for the emotional part of the brain to calm down, will help your take right decision and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.






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9.   Take a break






We all experience the state-of-tension. Simplest way to control this state of mind is to take a break. When we start to be impulsive at others or burst into tears just because there is no bread in the refrigerator, it is an indication that our state-of-tension is higher than it should be and it is the time to take a break.





Go out for a walk, play with your pet or listen to your favorite music, so as to reset the tension level in your body.






10.  Seek help from friends (or may be professionals, if required)






Suppressing your emotions is one of the main causes of physical or mental illness and emotional problems. Speak out, talk about your feelings with a friend.






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Most of the times, we don’t speak to our friends and family because of the fear of being judged. If this is the situation, talk to a counsellor to reduce adverse effects of emotional imbalance on your health.





A problem shared is a problem half solved.







Allow your strength to come from within, whether that means you talk to a therapist or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Embrace your emotions for what they are, without judging yourself and you’ll become emotionally strong soon.






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10 Ways To Stop Yourself From Being a Slave To Your Emotions






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