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31 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

31 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts






“The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions.” Tony Robbins



There are days that I wish I could unsee this quote so I could go back to my old life where I didn’t care nor question how the world works or if there’s other way to live this life.


I thought if I could press rewind, time just until the moment I decided to press my own self-destruct button, then maybe I wouldn’t cause myself more miseries than I could take but I also realized that I also wouldn’t feel the little pleasures brought by understanding life and its meaning. At least for me.


And if I didn’t ask, I would never find myself, my passion and will always be easily influenced by people around me, by media and society.



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Asking myself these questions and answering them over and over until it I come up with answers that feel deeply true to me lead me to finally being able to start over and which you also can do.



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You can also get to know yourself a little better especially during these days when the whole world has been given the chance to reflect and heal.


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But how do you go about getting to know yourself?



The answer is exactly the same way you’d get to know someone you want to be friends with. You perform a mini interview by asking easy questions first and once you feel that you have already warmed up, then you can go and ask a bit more personal questions until you are already comfortable in asking deeper questions.




Record the answers by journaling them. Journaling is a beautiful way of building a relationship with yourself and keeping your thoughts, your memories and your life’s events in one place. Journaling didn’t just cure my depression it also helped me to find my passion and live my life’s purpose.



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Make time to write even for just 10 minutes in the morning or before you go to bed. You will start your day knowing that there is something that you have done for yourself and you will sleep a whole lot better by getting things off your chest.




Pick a question for the week or make it a daily habit and by the end of the month, you will surprise yourself by how much you seem to know yourself better.



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Start fresh every time you will pick a prompt by writing your answers in a clean sheet of paper. An empty and clean sheet of paper will not give you any distraction and you can solely focus on your answers.



I am very excited for you. I love to hear from you once you have finished answering these prompts.


Have fun answering them!


1. How does my perfect day look like?


2. Where do I like to work and what kind of work will I be doing?


3. Do I have a spiritual side that’s just waiting to be unleashed?


4. What special gift do I have that I can give the world?


5. How do yo define fun?


6. What will you do this weekend for fun?


7. What does my heart tells me about what it wants me to do with this life?


8. Among the historical figures, who do you want to become and why?


9. When you think about the future, what do you fear the most?


10. Name a song that best describe you or your life?


11. Write about an opportunity that you missed. What would you do differently next time?


12. Write about the time that you felt truly loved and valued.


13. What characteristics do you look for a friend?


14. After a day of spending time alone, did you feel bored?


15. Are you the type of person who tells the person important to you how much they mean to you or are you the one who shows it?


16. After receiving a really good news, do you tell your parents, best friend or social media first?


17. What do you do when you feel down or sad? How do you cheer yourself up?


18. When you feel overwhelmed, do you ask for help or do you prefer to do it alone?


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19. How do you show love to yourself?


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20. How do you respond when someone tells you you did a good job, you look amazing or just any compliment?


21. When you feel like you are not getting what you deserve, do you speak up?


22. How do you feel when you say no to someone’s request?


23. Would your friends tell you that you are a “positive person”?


24. How do you express gratitude?


25. What drives you more? The reward or the consequences?


26. Do you enjoy learning? What do you do to ensure that you are always learning?


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27. How did your parents’ relationship impact your view about love and relationship?


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28. When was the last time that you gave up on a goal? Why did you give up?


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29. How did you grow as a person in the last year?


30. When faced with hard conversations, how comfortable are you? Do you feel the need to change the topic or walk away from the person?


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31. How often do you apologize even if it’s not your fault?



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I hope these prompts brought you few steps closer to getting to know yourself. Once you get to know yourself well, there is nothing that you can not not master. 


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom” – Aristotle.




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16 thoughts on “31 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

  1. These questions are all deep. I honestly doubt that I would have come to terms with answering much if it wasn’the for the post.
    Thanks for giving me the jump-start to answer these questions and even ask more myself.

  2. I love these questions, makes you really think. I have one question are these good for a 23 years old who has depression and anxiety and ADHD.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you, this is so very helpful.
      Thank you for being so open and honest when speaking about your journey.
      You are a good writer .and a coach too

  3. Thank you for your post. Most people say they have no regrets. I personally wish I could do it all over. No matter what I go through or what I’ve gone through, exploring life, I honestly wish I could do a do over but since that’s not possible I am hopefully in the mid life. I will use every moment to create a life that I can be proud CB of.

  4. It’s always a great thing to work on self for all levels to better serve others. Thank you for being an inspiration to better ones self. Time to do the work! “You are worth it”

  5. I took the time to answer every question verbally as I set here and drank my coffee. What a good look I just took of myself. Thankyou so much. 😊😊

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