Others dream of finishing school, landing a decent job, getting stable, marrying a nice partner,  starting a family, having kids, sending them to nice schools, going on a holiday once a year, passing on this tradition to their offspring  and then retiring somewhere warm and cozy.


That’s life, its order and cycle. I totally get it. I just don’t see myself in that same pattern.


I am from the Philippines. I was raised in a village.


Lush greens, fresh air and food and almost no cars. It takes nearly an hour rough ride to the nearby town. Chicken cackles wake me up in the morning and crickets lull me to sleep at night. No supermarkets, banks, drugstores and neighbors gossiping any time of the day is the normal happening. Everyone knows everyone. I grew up playing dust, mud and running under the rain.


Simple life.


I was doing a good job conforming until one day I  found myself leaving Philippine premises to accept a job offer in Malaysia. Nothing has been the same since that day. My hunger for learning, culture, new cuisine and new places to call home grew bigger and bigger until it became an insatiable lust until I moved to Europe with no definite plans nor sufficient funds.


This page is a collection of my struggles, misadventures, heartaches , random thoughts, hopes and dreams as I embark on this journey I chose. For one day I will not remember how amazing this less traveled path is anymore.


Welcome to where my comfort zone ends.