Ivana Skoric on Quitting College, Busting Limiting Beliefs and Success

Can one be successful after quitting pursuing a college degree? How can we bust our limiting beliefs society projected on us?

In today’s episode, we have Ivana Skoric, a certified life coach and solution-focused coach, a blogger and the founder and host of The La Ivana Podcast talking about self-improvement, empowering women, the relationship of having a degree and success, limiting beliefs and taking small actions in the direction of one’s dreams. 

We talk about: 

-Quitting college to volunteer in hostels for free accommodation

-Self-improvement journey, self-exploration and the importance of finding yourself and asking yourself what you truly want

S1E13:The Beauty of Not Having Everything Figured Out and Self-Exploration
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-Launching a blog and turning it to a full-blown location independent coaching business -The relationship or importance of having a degree and success especially in the digital age

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-Limiting beliefs and how to re-frame the mind to become the best version of ourselves

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-What she does when her brain plays tricks on her

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Ivana Skoric on Quitting College, Busting Limiting Beliefs and Success

I stumbled upon her work in one of the blogging groups we both are members of and I have been following her since then. There I have seen how amazing she is at what she does, how she does things, how clear her mind is and how confident she is. She has an e-book then which I loved so much I read it in one sitting.

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Then she launched her podcast. I started listening to it too and it inspired me to launch mine too. Even before that, I was wondering how I could connect with her but I was also not used to having a conversation when it comes to my creative pursuits probably because there’s no one in my circle who’s been doing it and there has been a period in my life where I totally shut down to purge, process and heal a lot of things.

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Now that I have healed, I promised that I’ll come out of my shell and reach out to everyone whose works gave me company during those days I felt that nobody understood me and one of them was Ivana.

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My heart was racing before clicking the e-mail Send button but my heart raced even more when she agreed to the interview. I had no problems composing e-mails and exchanging written correspondences but giving my innermost thoughts and questions a voice was something that I have yet to get over.

Connect with Ivana:

Instagram @humandesigncornerBlog: laivana.com
Podcast: The La Ivana Podcast

Get her Human Design Blueprint to flow with radical self-acceptance: https://laivana.com/human-design-blueprint/

Check www.thisvillagegirl.com and  follow me on Instagram @thisvillagegirl for more inspirational stories.   

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