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13 Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

I am a certified sun worshiper.

There was even a time that I lived in my bikini which caused all my curly hair to fall because of too much of either chlorine or salt water. I am highly convinced that I was a Latina mermaid in my past life..

For nearly 30 years, I enjoyed too much sun that my grandmother always scolds me for staying so much under its harmful rays.

Fast forward to 2019, I am fighting the urge of going permanently back home or flying somewhere the sun smiles the whole day so I don’t have to experience being high on Vitamin D just to trick my body that I have enough dose of sun. I need that kind of high to not lose my sanity to the darkness and coldness because I used to be chirpy and chatty and was told that the weather might have an effect on how I feel. I searched non-stop for ways on how to make the winter a magical experience.

Here are my winter self-care rituals:

Vitamin D

I never realized how important Vitamin D in our bodies. I took this for granted knowing that we have so much where I am from.

Living in Malaysia also didn’t help.

Philippines and Malaysia’s weathers are just the same. Instead of soaking ourselves up on natural Vitamin D, we used whitening products. We stayed away from the heat of the sun. Whereas every German will stay out the whole day when the sun is out. If my grandmother gets mad when I play out under the sun, A German will question my sanity if I refuse to go out when the weather is good. I would even see my fellow Filipinos using their umbrellas to cover themselves up during the summer.

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Hibernation Nook

I normally prepare a small corner where I can just sit and enjoy the feeling of warmth. I keep it clean to keep its readiness for my daily hibernation needs.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues


Flowers are just one of my winter staples. They never fail to make a place lovelier.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues


This is one of the things that I hoard when winter comes. If it’s cold and dark outside, I will light some candles inside make it a very cozy place for staying in. I normally turn the lights down and create a very relaxed atmosphere.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Wool Socks

The feel of the soft soles and the nice colors just makes staying in nicer.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues


If there is a best time to bring out all the books I have planned on reading, it is during winter. I wear some nice wool socks and light some vanilla scented candles and I will be in heaven. I can stay the whole day inside.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Soup and Slow cooked meals

If summer made me want to eat fruits, salads and ice cream, winter is the best time to have soup and slow cooked meals.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Movie Marathon

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

This is the best time to watch all the favorite films and series.

Hot chocolate, marshmallows and teapots.

I have a thing for ceramics and cute little things. I bring them out during winter to amp up the coziness factor.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Notebooks, Papers and Pen

There is no better time to update journal entries and return letters but this cold weather.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Blankets and cushions

The thicker the better. The more comfortable the better.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Scrapbooks, Photo Albums and DIY Projects

I normally go back and look at the old photos or start scrap-booking during this time of the year. I noticed that I am more creative when it’s colder outside.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues


I play slow music for days that I want to just chill and Latin music for days that I want to get moving. Whichever type of music it is, it is still Win-Win.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues


I still go out for a walk even if it’s winter. Though I am shivering, I love having that cold and tingling feeling in my face. Nothing beats fresh air and being close to nature.

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

Most importantly, I have learned to have a positive mindset. I count my blessings and enjoy the power of being present in everything I do. I believe, this is the secret on how to beat any blues that are yet to come.

How about you? Which is your favorite or how do you beat winter blues? I’d love to see in the comments below.

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13 ways to beat winter depression

Effortless Ways to Beat Winter depression
How to beat winter depression

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11 thoughts on “13 Effortless Ways to Beat Winter Blues

  1. Eek! I don’t buy flowers enough, but they’re especially helpful during the winter for sure. Winter blues is the worst, I definitely feel too many.. feels.. during the winter when it gets too dark. I hate the slight depression that comes with it. I should also light some candles again

  2. I’m a huge fan of candles and plush cozy blankets in the winter too! I love lighting candles and snuggling under the blanket with my pup and hubs for a relaxing evening.

  3. Winter blues are such a real thing. My mom and I suffer from it. I love candles and they instantly uplift my mood. I love the recommendation for books! It’s an easy way to escape reality for a bit. Love this post!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello from London, where it is just so cold and grey right now. Loved your advice and can already see myself incorporating these ideas to make life more cosy and comfortable!!

  5. Ahhh I get the winter blues so much, especially right after the new year, I do get really happy and cheerful when its snowing. And so pretty and white outside though go figure!

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