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16 Things I No Longer Buy Since Becoming a Minimalist

16 Things I No Longer Buy Since Becoming a Minimalist



One of the side effects of moving abroad twice is becoming a minimalist.


This is not something that just traveling taught me because I hoarded and shopped like crazy whenever I had the chance to.


When the third chance of moving to a different continent came, I realized that shopping must stop until I finally stay in one place. But I am highly convinced that I will never again be a victim of consumerism after seeing all the benefits that minimalism gave me.


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Make up


First on the list is make up. I used to be a make up junkie and there used to be a time when I wouldn’t fret about losing my wallet but not my make up kit.


Now, I only have one lipstick, one eyeliner and one mascara. Most days, I only wear lipstick. Au naturel, turns out, is the best.





I have maybe ten shirts, five leggings, three pairs of shorts, six dresses, three pairs of jeans, three pullovers, four winter jackets and three scarves. I keep them classic then I just mix and match. Keeping them at this number gives more time for my other hobbies.




I only keep two winter boots and three pairs of trainers. I stopped wishing to become a centipede to be able to wear all my shoes.




I kept what I love and gave away what I don’t use. It still surprises me that I can now go out without a bag nor my mobile phone.




I don’t wear perfume anymore even if I have read somewhere that a girl who doesn’t wear perfume doesn’t have a future. I only have one and it was a present from my aunt last year. I put it in the fridge to avoid it going sour.


Expensive Skincare Products


My beauty regimen is very simple these days and mostly, I get them from the kitchen. I use honey for my drying face, I mix sugar and olive oil to kiss dry skin cells goodbye and I use aloe vera for my hair.


Shaving Cream

Hair conditioner is a perfect substitute.


Haircuts and Hair Products


I have been cutting my hair since 2006. I am lucky to have curly hair which is really low maintenance. I also stopped using mousse and crèmes. My hair is healthier than it has ever been.




I grew up reading Cosmo, Seventeen, Vogue but these days I don’t buy them anymore. Instead, I use Pinterest. It is the picture version of Google. Everything you can think of is there.




Since becoming a book blogger and receiving free books, I don’t buy as much like how I used too.


My boyfriend recently gave me Kindle as a Christmas present so I am enjoying the convenience. I still miss the pages of the book but I try to focus harder. If it’s available in ebook, I will not buy the hard copy as long as I can fight it.


Paper towels


Minimalism isn’t only about the things I consume but also what I throw away. And there aren’t so much these days. I just have a nice and re-washable cloth to dry the sink and kitchen tops.




Youtube is a wonderful source of almost everything.


Late Payment and ATM Fees


I am Credit Card free and I do cash transactions as much as possible.




I am no longer that kind of girl who needs to make sure that she’ll get her daily dose of Starbucks. Who am I still trying to impress? I am okay with 1 Euro coffee.


Travel sized Products


I got atomizers and just refill them from the bigger sizes of my favorite brands


Knick Knacks, Little Trinkets and Random Stuff


Less clutter and a little bit more money for things that matter plus the joy of living slowly as possible. I must say that living intentionally has been a huge help in making sure that I control my emotional and mindless purchases that were normally done out of boredom and self-awareness.


In the world of wanting to have more, I am now trained to have less.


In the very few pieces of belongings I now own, I still ask myself, what can I still give away and how can I still simplify my life?


How about you? I’d love to see in the comments what you have stopped from purchasing.


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30 thoughts on “16 Things I No Longer Buy Since Becoming a Minimalist

  1. I think I even have fewer clothes than you 🙂 What about plastic bottles? I carry my water bottle everywhere, and I don’t drink pop or other drinks, just water most of the time… Minimal make up as well, and I use mostly lip balm… Same for Starbucks, too expensive and heavy in calories. I make my favorite tea in a thermos mug and carry it with me…
    I can’t refuse to buy books though, I love reading a good book in a paper format.

    1. I totally feel you. I love good booooookkkss and it’s such a hard time not being able to buy hard copies all the time. I still buy. I’d say this is the only exception I have. *winks* And with fewer clothes, wow! Hats off to you. =) I’d say minimalism has reasonable exemptions. =)

    2. I had a huge in home and outdoor yard sale to get rid of styles of furniture, paintings, etc.. I sol old towels, plants, a bedroom set whose style I had grown to hate, endless Knick knacks and items that were in boxes and I had not even seen them in five years. It was so liberating to sell things to people who were delighted to purchase items that were in great condition. The best part is that intentionally put almost all of my clothes in a Goodwill box. Many still had tags on them. I smiled as I stuffed the box, knowing the joy I was giving another woman shopping, getting a great “find”!

      1. That’s wonderful!! I’m so happy for you, and I got a kick out of your comment about the good feeling you were giving another woman at the thrift shop! 🙂 Good karma!

      1. I also would add no gym memberships (a YouTube workout in my old T-shirt and sweats before my morning shower is totally suffice!). Also, greeting cards ( I make my own from my craft box) and this Christmas I am aiming for generic gifts of a pretty looking soap and a mason jar of handmade fudge plus homemade Christmas card.

  2. I love this list! Cutting my own hair is something I’ve considered many times, so this was a good reminder. I also don’t buy magazines, music, paper towels and a couple of other things from this list. Makes my life easier 🙂

  3. Hi Dani, I’m happy to have found your blog 🙂 This is a great post. Let me tell you some things about me. Unfortunately I have too many clothes, but since late last year I’ve made a rule not to buy any more. I mostly buy clothes second hand anyway, but I have things I don’t even wear, so no more clothes shopping for a couple of years at least. I also cut my own hair, since 2002! It’s not always perfect, but who cares?! It’s only hair! I use baking soda dissolved in water for hair ‘washing’, and a vinegar rinse. I use baking soda mixed to a paste with water for a face scrub. And coconut oil for moisturiser. I only have eyeliner and lip balm (not coloured). I also try to use cash, and don’t have any card fees (even though I have a credit card, I don’t use it), I don’t buy music, magazines, or knick knacks and trinkets – I hate them! My husband and I don’t give presents to each other at any time of the year, because we have everything we need and don’t see the point in buying something unnecessary just because it’s a birthday, Christmas etc. We use our saved money for travelling!! I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’ve made a good start, I think. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to simplify my life. All the best.

    1. Wow! I am so happy to know that we share the same love for little things in our lives. I would love to use baking soda for my hair too but because they are so curly, it didn’t work for me. Coconut oil is lovely though. Thank you so much for reading. =)

  4. How do you use aloe for your hair? I would like to know because I have trouble finding a shampoo that doesn’t make me break out and I also have curly hair!

    1. Hi Felicia. I use aloe like a leave on conditioner or mask but I use it until the roots. I leave it for 30 minutes to one hour before I shampoo it. For shampoo, I stay away from the ones that has oil because it makes my hair super oily and then I break out. I wash my hair everyday even during winter but I only limit shampooing the tips my hair but instead more on the roots. I am currently using Nivea and so far, my skin is clear. I have really oily skin. Baking soda is also good but I haven’t really made a formula I can stick to. I hope that helps. =)

  5. These are exactly the stuff I stopped buying too as a minimalist! It’s been so much easier and saving money is what I needed in life. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. I agree with sentiment even if I’m not there yet. I’ve started to reduce my spending on “stuff” with a view to saving some money and quitting my stressful job in a couple of years and it’s amazing how little you miss things. My tip is only buy clothes you really love rather than like or ‘might be useful’.
    I always use a credit card though – much easier to keep track of where it all goes but only if you pay it all off monthly

  7. Great article! You made me stop and think about how I could change my life! Thanks for making me see I can do without and still be happy!!!!!!

  8. Don’t forget that if you really love books you can borrow them from your local library. If they don’t have what you want they can order or purchase it. Love my library!

  9. Now what a great post! As a mom of 3 I sometimes tend to go crazy with all that stuff. We’ve been talking about reducing everything with my husband. Now it’s obviously time to take action. I have been replacing beauty products with home made stuff for years. First I got rid od shampoo. I used to have an extremely oily hair, but not anymore. It took two years for my scalp to settle down after decades of daily shampooing. I wash my hair only seldom and always with conditoner only. No heat tools. No styling products. I make my own powder and soap for hands, and I make it oily. I use aloe vera and coconut oil for face. I use essential oils instead of medication (not free, but cheaper in the long run). I have already thrown away two thirds of my clothing. Still I have more to let go of. And I make my own clothes as far as possible, buy used from thrift stores and try my best to stick to my own style. But I really do long for simplicity in all areas of life. Thank you for this great & inspiring post!

  10. Here’s a big money saving tip! Buy cleaning products from DOLLAR TREE (not the Dollar Store, etc.). You can get bleach, Lime Away (known as Rust Lime Calcium) Dryer Sheets, Pinesol, etc., and other productions (test and compare) for a dollar each. You can also get other products…see what works for you (beauty, children, can goods, sweets, party – wrapping supplies, seasonal/holiday decorating supplies, etc., etc.. There are some surprisingly great finds so check the isles!

  11. What a wonderful post! Very inspiring! I’ve already stopped buying magazines, fresh flowers ( plants last longer I feel),music and given away most of my make as I stopped using it . For cleaning the face or moisturising it the face the kitchen is my go to place.
    Though I still need to work on the clothes and shoes to further simplify life.

  12. In Serbia we live like this evry Day, we don’t have to trye☹️. Evry Day we work hard to have more, but we only have less. We strougle to help our children to finish school and give them close and awrything they need, and for us there is no much left. So, we have minimalisam ewry Day even we like it or not.

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