Ali of Share to Inspire Blog on Moving to a New Country, Getting out of Debt and Pursuing Passions

If you’re given the chance to move out of your country, get out of debt and start pursuing your passion, will you take it? Will you not have fears of leaving everything behind for a dream that only you can see or even if you can’t see yet but just want to have a fresh start in life, grow, evolve and be the vest version of yourself who enjoys and loves life?

One of my fears before I started pursuing my passions was that I didn’t know anyone in my circle who’s doing that passion thing. They’re all working for someone. Not that they’re not good enough and nobody would pay for them to do something they love but it’s just too risky and having 9-5 is a sure way of having fixed monthly paychecks. Not that having a job is bad. It’s just that I never had the chance to personally know someone who braved the wilderness and gave the innermost passion a try.

And as I got more serious in focusing on improving my craft and investing in myself, I stopped looking around me to check what others were doing. I trusted that people who vibe on the same frequency would come my way even if I don’t drag myself out of my way and this was what happened. I bumped into Ali of Share to Inspire Blog, a fellow Filipino living and working in Japan as a full-time English teacher and part-time personal development blogger.

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In this episode, Ali talks about what she discovered when she left home, our country, the Philippines. She also openly shared about how she ended up with debts in Japan and how she bounced back from it. She opened up about the struggles she faced starting a blog with a full time job and how challenging it is to make friends in a first world country like Japan where she sometimes feel like an outsider. 

At 27, she courageously shares her discoveries and journey on her blog where she also openly talks about Financial, Productivity, Relationships and Personal Development and gives tips which she gained from her experience and not just things she learned from her love for reading books.

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I hope you have fun listening to this episode and I hope you learn a thing or two like how I did during our chat. Check her work out at Share to Inspire  Blog. She is also on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

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