Book Review |No Regrets by Linda McDermott

Book Review |No Regrets by Linda McDermott

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Author: Linda McDermott
Title: No Regrets

Publisher: Out There Again Press Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Members’ Titles
Pub Date 05.02.2019

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Out There Again Press Description

No Regrets: How one woman navigates through Midwestern expectations and manages to reach all seven continents, including working twice in Antarctica. Follow Linda as she gains inner strength and confidence to travel. Experience adventures alongside her, from hiking the Alps refuge to refuge to discovering remote places in Fiji.

In this autobiographical book of adventures, Linda McDermott takes us on a journey of the soul. She comes to terms with her Midwestern upbringing, understanding values given to her from her childhood, and either putting them to use in her quest to travel or putting them to rest if they don’t help achieve her goals.

She starts her adventures slowly, with travel companions or guides, as her world becomes larger. Eventually, she will book a foreign trip and a week later, be on an airplane to an exotic place.

Her love of nature and of local culture shines through as she explains how she has visited every continent, and even worked in Antarctica, twice. Join her journey as she winds through her multitude of adventures and inner growth.


“How did you live your short life?” I am highly convinced that the book’s title is the best answer to this question which served as an invitation to live the life of my dreams with no excuses like fear and inhibition. This book felt like an invitation to live a privileged meaningful life. However, not just an invitation solely sent to me but to all of us who are facing life’s ups and downs and depends solely on our willingness to open ourselves up to this written life-changing adventures.

I am a huge fan of travel memoirs and most that I have read were written by millennials. This book is a breath of fresh air due to the fact that the author is on her 50’s and her adventures were on the 80’s, during her 30’s, when traveling wasn’t as mainstream as these days. The writer is from a generation where people especially women were expected to go to school, get a nice partner, start a family, take care of the kids, send them to school and then retire nicely. The writer isn’t like that. She has proven that having kids, a job and other responsibilities are not acceptable excuses not to go on adventures. The book was written with such honesty that you’d want to go and start yours sooner no matter how old you are.

Praises to the author for writing with such honesty filled with warmth and full of wisdom that encourages not just to continue flipping the pages but also to start making a life audit if it’s still going to the direction where our hearts are pointing us.

This book is filled with profound life lessons through adventures that promote personal growth and self love.

If you want a travel memoir that will inspire you to face your fears of traveling solo and adventures that will nourish your soul, I highly recommend reading this book. Check Out There Again for availability.

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Book Review |No Regrets by Linda McDermott

Book Review |No Regrets by Linda McDermott

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4 thoughts on “Book Review |No Regrets by Linda McDermott

  1. Excellent review! I also appreciate how you provide us with context by explaining that the events the author was writing about took place during the 80s and that the author was from the midwest because you’re absolutely right in that given the time and where she came from, she truly was going against the grain and not just capitalizing on a trend.

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