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Warning: Don’t pick this book up if you are already satisfied with your life. Don’t read this book if you have nothing more to complain about and there’s no area in your life that you still want to improve. Don’t even proceed reading if you think that it can’t do something for you. Don’t read if you can’t handle the stress and pressure of living the life of your dreams. Don’t read if you have a faint heart. The author’s words are not for puss*es. Don’t pick this up if you don’t have any plans of becoming relentless. 


If I am a Book Award Giving Body and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck was last year’s recipient of the Most Life-Changing Book Award for its ability to point my brain to a completely different direction, this year, I will give it to Tim S. Grover’s Relentless.

Tim S. Grover is the CEO of ATTACK Athletics and worked with Pro athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and other hundreds of professional athletes. He isn’t only a coach who designs training programs for the body but more of how to mentally train the athletes to reach their goals and even exceed them.


Ask yourself honestly, what would have to sacrifice to have what you really want? Your social life? Relationships? Credit cards? Free time? Sleep? Now answer this question: What are you willing to sacrifice? If those two lists don’t match up, you don’t want it badly enough.”


This line felt like ice bucket challenge during winter only I wasn’t nominated. I was just caught off guard. I could have used a little time to mentally condition myself for the shock that’s about to come so it felt like I was prank-ed.  His words, though written, never stopped reverberating in my head even after days have passed since I finished reading it.


Though I am not an athlete, this book didn’t make it seem that it is not applicable to me. This is one of those books on which I tried my best-est to read as slowly as I could just so I wouldn’t finish it right away but it was impossible. This book made me feel guilty about dropping the others that I was currently reading and nearly finish it in one sitting. I felt like a vampire with such blood-thirst for its words.


It was one of those weekends that I spent at my cousin’s place and I made a mistake of not bringing a book with me. Not bringing a book whenever I will head out of the house, no matter where I will be going, feels like I didn’t wear underwear nor brushed my teeth. Something isn’t just right. It’s like I am letting my thoughts wander instead of putting it work whenever I feel that it still can. Not doing it makes me feel like wasting every second of my precious short time here on earth when I still can learn about something that will make me a better and highly effective person. A minute I spend mindlessly when my body, soul and mind are fully rested is not worth it.


If my take away from Mark Manson’s book was  “Do something!”, Tim S. Grover wanted me to remember to not settle for mediocrity. Never ever settle. There is something. There must be something. Do it now and not later.


I never read a book twice in my life but I can’t get enough of the powerful words this book contains and I badly need them to continue pursuing what sets my soul on fire; no excuses. I sleep beside this book so it’s the first I see whenever I will wake up in the morning to go and do my morning ritual and the one I will see before I close my eyes at night. Just the word “relentless” and “unstoppable” are enough to get me worked up again. (I have to buy a copy because I’m sure my cousin wants it back.)


To tell you frankly, I want to be selfish. I didn’t want to write a review of this book. I didn’t want anyone else to get that edge and advantage of being able to access a book this powerful but that is not good. I want a lot of people knowing about what this book can do. I want Grover’s mission, purpose and goals for publishing this book to succeed. If this book helped me to beat my lazy and complacent a*s, I would want other pursuers of dreams to be relentless in achieving their dreams too.

Mark Manson has challenged himself to read 100 non-fiction books and I thought, what a weirdo! But when I started seeing the benefits and changes that challenge did to my mindset, I raised up the challenge and told myself that I will read more than that. Not to prove that I’m weirder than Mark Manson but because that’s how committed I am in bettering myself, reaching my full potential and being the person God designed me to be. 


Which book has the most effect on you? Which book changed your life? Please let me know in the comments and if I haven’t read it, I will add it to my reading list.


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Relentless Book Review

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12 thoughts on “Book Review | Relentless by Tim S. Grover 

  1. Well, I am certainly curious to give this a go! I always love a good book – and I am not afraid to hear some hard truths 🙂 Sounds interesting!

  2. Your book review definitely makes it clear of just how amazing this book is! I need to get my copy of the book. Books like these are necessary when you are trying to accomplish something bigger than anything you’ve ever done in your life. Again, gotta get me a copy of the book 🙂

  3. Hi Danica, I’m always looking for books to add to my collection and you convinced me to get this book. And so great of you to set that challenge! I’m looking forward to more of your book reviews 🙂

    1. Hi Missy, it’s one of those books that woke me up from a long, deep sleep. It topped Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck. =) Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy this book like how I did. =)

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