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Why It Feels Powerful To Be A Woman In A Male-centric Society

Each day, women are taught to not do this, and to avoid looking like that.

Every day, a woman’s worth is brought down by words and threats they don’t deserve. And I should know because I grew up with that.

Be cautious of your surroundings.”,

Might as well look on the ground each time you’re walking so you don’t draw attention to yourself.”,

“You’re too soft and fragile; you can’t do this.”.

Those are just some of the “advice” the men in my life has given me – as if they are doing me a favor. This includes my family members, friends, and workmates. And to be honest, I am sick and tired of it (and them) all.

What if I want to draw attention to myself because I have a lot of important things to say? What if others should be cautious of me because I have a lot to offer?

What if I want to show the world how powerful I—a woman—can be?

And you know what? I did just that. I have set and followed my own rules and I did things for myself. Still terrified to stand up against this prejudicial society? Then read my top 3 reasons on why you should be loud and proud as a woman:

It feels good to prove everyone wrong

They say you can’t do this and you’re too weak for something, but what if you’re not? Or what if you want to prove them you’re not? I suggest do it. Prove them wrong. Women have been stereotyped for so long as people who are fragile and can’t lift a bone in their body—in other terms: weak.

My boss once shared this new assignment with me wherein he needs someone to go on a field work for a particular project. He looked at me and asked, “Who do you think I should pick? Not you, of course, because you’re a girl and this is a tough project.” I almost raised my eyebrow at him then and there, but fortunately, I was able to control myself and instead raised my chin a little higher with a smile on my face.

I volunteered myself and gave him the reason why I am the perfect person for the project. He gave me a go signal but it was obvious he was expecting me to come back to work with my tail in between my legs asking for surrender.

However, I proved him wrong. I proved everyone in the company wrong. That was a tough field work assignment, yes, but I knew I could do it and my gender does not, in any way, hinder my capabilities. I did not let anyone’s condescending tone and mockery stop me from feeling good that I showed and proved them otherwise.

You can do anything and everything

Don’t you know how astonishing being a woman is? We can do and be anything we want to be if we just put our minds and hearts to it. We can be a firefighter and a police officer to a teacher and doctor. We can cook mouth watering meals and at the same time play football or basketball. We can lift heavy weights, run for miles, and finish hikes. Sky’s the limit for us, girls.

Society may tell otherwise but the truth is: We are not limited to anything. No one is. If you want to do something, then do it. I know it’s easier said than done but no one said it is impossible to do.

You have support from fellow women

I don’t think nothing can provide you with more strength and confidence in your own self than by being surrounded with a community of powerful women who are ready to fight with you along the way.

You can join Facebook groups, respond to Twitter threads, or go to your nearest women organization. Since everyone else is bringing us down, we really do not have anything but each other’s backs—and that is what makes us much stronger.

You are not alone. You are heard. If you need to speak up, then all of us will speak with you and for you. That is the beauty of womanhood. That is the beauty of being a woman in today’s society.

It is now time for you to wear your killer dress and high heels or put on your head turning statement shirt and a pair of awesome sneakers (whichever you prefer) and step out to the world with your head high.

Remember, you are a woman and you are powerful.

Why It Feels Powerful To Be A Woman In A Male-centric Society

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7 thoughts on “Why It Feels Powerful To Be A Woman In A Male-centric Society

  1. It is unfortunate that in this day and age, that women continue to struggle with this. I love the part about women support women- I think this is a great piece for women empowerment!

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