“Who am I? Where am I good at? What do I want out of this life? What is life about? Why wasn’t I given a manual like every other subject I studied hard for?”

This is just a sneak peak of what goes inside my head since I got my University degree. I was stuck with jobs I didn’t love and I had no one to ask those questions without the fear of not being brought to the nuthouse.  I didn’t have a clue that was just a sign of adulthood which is the strangest thing I have ever came across with.

Now this is not my story. At least, not anymore. This is the story of all the people I bumped into who in one way or another, helped shape a new me. Or the me that I am intended to be had I learned how to ignore what society wanted me to be but I couldn’t. So here I am in Germany, sitting while trying to crack my head open to be able to do these people a justice. I was lost and without them knowing, they showed me the way. The way to myself that I never knew I needed to find. I thought I had it all figured it out. It was a sad fact knowing that I will only get to live once but with so much limitations.

This space is created for proving that fear is a liar and that there is a natural cure for anxiety. Life is beautiful.