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How Not To Write “About Me” in Your Website Page.

Yeah Sure! I have endlessly ranted about the scarily intimidating technical side of blogging and website designing and building. Not only that, I have confidently declared my love for talking about how passionate I am about writing only for it to slap me hard in the face when I accidentally clicked on my “About” page. It’s not only empty. It’s rubbish. Looks like I need to also declare my inability to write something about myself.

While I’ve been scribbling almost about other things I am passionate about, I couldn’t do the same about myself without really asking who really I am. I’m self centered right? Then it should be the easiest page to fill but it isn’t without sounding that I am so full of myself. I typed non-stop. Paused to read it and then angrily jabbed at the innocent poor backspace button. Blank space again. I wasted more than half an hour of my precious time when I can use that time in figuring out how to improve my blog’s traffic. I started typing again to describe me in second person. It was a bit easier this. I stopped and read it. Control A. Delete. Great! I have a new routine. I have successfully mastered the art of wasting my time.


This made me think. Is this how clueless I am about my own self? Is this how I loathe myself? Why do I need to do astral travel just to be able to see myself in such an acceptable way even for my own liking? How will I be able to give myself some justice? Will I come off as too boastful in my choice of words or for the length of this page? If I couldn’t write it, who should I ask to do it? Who knows me better than I do? Clearly, I have confidence issues no matter how much I say that I have gotten rid of it. Were all my efforts to know and love myself better not working? It turns out that like my

blog, I am still under construction.


What are your struggles in writing “About” page? Sure I need sound tips.

5 thoughts on “How Not To Write “About Me” in Your Website Page.

  1. My “”About Me” page is empty too! After all of the posts i’v Read about how to write a killer one and mine is empty too! 🙄 Somehow—like you—I must be feeling that it must be perfect or not at all. 🙁 I am going to take this on as a challenge to just put one up temporarily—to break this cursed cycle—and give myself permission to update if I think of something better. Thanks for encouraging me to get that thing done once and for all! 💪🏾

  2. I liked your About Me- page. I think it is funny, honest and interactive.

    I agree that writting about ourselves is probably the most challenging thing to write about. We spend most of our lives figuring us out 🙂

  3. I feel you! Writing my “about me” page has been the biggest struggle for me as well, and I don’t think I did that well either.
    I suppose that it’s because the “about” page is so general, and it doesn’t have a clear message. When I write a post, I always know what points I want to bring across to add value to readers and I can work from there. But when I’m writing about myself, I’m not sure how it adds value. Sure, I can describe why I started my blog, but is that really important?
    What I did though is write different posts about different parts of my story (related to my blog topics) and link them on the ” about me” page. And I kept the overall text really short.

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