The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

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Gift giving season is on and yes, aside from of course, travel, what else should we give our travel addicted friends?


Here is the ultimate holiday gift guide for travelers that they can surely bring in their next adrenaline pumping adventures. Or if you’re looking for what to get yourself as a badass traveler too, you can choose from here and let me know if I missed something so we can update the list.


Sleep Mask

Colorful and cute printed ones would be perfect for long haul flights and for hostels to make sure that there isn’t any ray of light that will come in for some quality beauty zzz.


Scratch Off World Map Canvas

I know right. If I am not busy on my current adventure, I am planning for one and I made sure I have the world map tattooed on my left wrist. While not everyone will be willing to do such a crazy, a bit painful thing like I did, a Scratch Off Map Canvas will be perfect. Scratch off a country after the other. 



Because photos are a must and cute little Polaroid shots too.


Camera lenses

These lenses are perfect in making nice photos and travel souvenirs if bringing camera isn’t so convenient.


Camera Strap

The cuter the better.


Luggage Lock

Nothing is worse than someone stealing things from our luggages so sturdy luggage locks are a must. Give the gift of safety to your traveler friend.


SD Card

Yup. Travel bug, once it bit you, you’ll never want to stop wandering and capturing memories so the bigger the memory the better.


Phone Case with hidden compartment

When I travel, I make sure to hide some of my cash somewhere it doesn’t look like it will be for emergency purposes and this phone case is perfect especially for those days that your friend just wanted to go out without bringing so much stuff.


A Travel Belt Bag

Since I travel alone most of the time, I keep a belt bag that contains my passports, cards and cash. I keep it hidden. This is one of the best things a travel can have a one of the most perfect gift that can be given to your friend.


Travel Adventure Books

Any travel addicted person has somehow has a reading addiction too and who will not be happy to receive a book that retells someone’s adventures. This makes me want to somehow relive it with my own little version. (Or choose from the 10 Books That Dramatically Changed my Life here.)


Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Guide

This will ensure that your friend will not have a shortage of places to see and experiences to try.


Fold-able water bottle

Because the normal bottles eats up so much space when they are empty and of course a bit heavier. One must always always stay hydrated. I remember almost collapsing after temple hopping in Cambodia. A little reminder like this will be appreciate by your travel addicted friend.


Solid Lotion

The number of bottles and sizes you can bring with you is limited so if your friend is a beauty and product junkie, this will give her a solution.


Solid Perfume


Solid Bar Shampoo and Conditioner

Solid Perfume and Bar Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for the travelers because there’s limit to how much liquid that can brought. With these goodies, they can bring all they want.


Packing cubes

Staying organized while on the road is hard and I never mastered it but with this packing cubes, it’s a breeze. I normally would tape some label just so I know where I put something.


Passport Holder

The cuter and the more personalized the better. This is every traveler’s moist used possession like the passport. Your friend’s overly used passport needs a cute holder.


Amazon Gift Cards

This is a perfect give that will save you some headache and will your friend the freedom to choose what to bring for her next travel or in case your friend needs something while on the road. Amazon will give the answer.


A Durable Hiking Backpack

I have stopped using luggages when I travel and it is quite easier because I didn’t have to check it in during flights and it actually made my life easier. I learned to pack light and I invested on a nice backpack which can bring me to the airport to hiking or walking tour and while waiting for the check out. Traveling lightly was never easy can be learned. Give your travel addicted friend a nice backpack where she can practice to travel lightly that will eventually save her back.

Travel Themed Journal/Notebooks

If your friend hasn’t started to keep a journal of what happened on the road, invite her by starting to journal it. Whatever written on the journal, if your friend is comfortable sharing it with you can do so after a trip and you guys are ready to catch up.


Luggage Tags

Do your friend a favor and make her life easier by giving her a personalized luggage tag that will it easier to spot the luggage form the luggage conveyor next time while making sure that the luggage has enough info in case it goes MIA.


External Battery Charger

An external battery charger is nowadays’ every person’s dream especially for those who are mostly on the road.


Luggage Scale

Nothing is more annoying than paying for excess baggage. Don’t be like me. I paid twice for this. Once when I flew from Vietnam to Laos and another from Laos to Malaysia just because I didn’t keep track of how much shopping I made and I didn’t invest on a luggage scale. This is one of those sweet little gifts any traveler will be delighted to have.


Laptop Shoulder Bag

This will make a perfect gift for your friend. My transformer netbook’s screen got broken just because I insisted to keep it inside my backpack while on the road. Not cool. You can save your friend’s laptop by giving her a shoulder bag where can safely keep hers.


Antibacterial Wet Wipes


Give your travel addicted friend something to keep the bacteria away with these anti bacterial wet wipes.



For long haul flights, train and bus rides, a Kindle is a perfect travel companion for your travel addicted friend. (You can read how it’s hard for me to switch to Kindle here.)


Collapsible Backpack

Anyone who travels a lot needs a collapsible backpack. These are waterproof and perfect for outdoor activities.

Emergency Travel Kit

Things happen and we don’t have control over them so a little emergency travel kit is a perfect addition to the packing list and a perfect gift for your wanderer friend.


Travel Pillow


Make your friend feel comfortable during long haul flights with this nice travel pillow.


Fold able Sound canceling Headphones

Another to invest on to would be noise canceling headphones. Nothing is more irritating than loud people inside the plane. What if it’s a 16 hour flight and the baby doesn’t stop screaming? Save your travel addicted friend’s peace by giving her a noise canceling headphone.


Cord Organizer

Nothing is more annoying than tangled cables. This is a perfect gift for the traveler as this will ensure a little bit of organization and clarity which in the long run gives more time for exploring.


Travel Bottle Set

Reusable travel toiletries containers help reduce plastic waste by packing your favorite toiletries It comes with a clear pouch which makes it easier to locate the content. This is a perfect gift to your travel addicted friend and also to mother nature.


Universal Travel Adapter

Sure your friend can easily borrow from the hotel’s reception but it will be sweeter and easier if she will have one of her own so she can easily plug in wherever in the world she may be.

Silk Travel Sheet

This is lightweight sleeping bag liner and travel sheet that is great for travelers who are staying in hostels. Even if your travel addicted friend will stay in hotels, I will still recommend this one especially after seeing a video of a hotel in which the staff didn’t change the sheets and just fixed them for the next guests to use. This doesn’t just give peace of mind in ensuring the cleanliness but also the sheet adds extra degrees of warmth which is great for people who get cold easily.

Hope this helped you decide what to give the travelers on your list.


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Holiday Gift Guide




This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. This is at no cost to you but helps me to provide awesome content regularly. Thanks for your support!

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