The Beauty of Not Having Everything Figured Out and Self-Exploration

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“What’s your chronological order?” A question that we often hear and even if we admit it or not,  we have been rehearsing a lot of times to answer and oftentimes, the answers we also normally get are going to school, getting a degree, landing a job, finding a partner who also has more or less the same chronological order like us, reproduce and raise these kids in the same chronological order and then retire.


Nothing is wrong with following that order but in today’s episode, we will hear a story we don’t often hear and if we do, our brains are starting to form different kind of judgment and ideas about the person being crazy, not practical and the person not having a direction a normal person must have. 


I will not lie. Before I left my own country and my own little world in our litte village, I also used to think the same though there were already thoughts and questions that a faint voice inside me asks but I was resisting to answer and entertain. It was only later on that I got to understand as I started attempting to answer my own questions about life, myself and the space in this world that I am taking which our guest today has played a major part in asnwering through her own stories of living outside the box society has been trying to convince us of staying. 


Today’s episode is a story of gallivanting the world without being a travel blogger or  a digital nomad and doing what she did not for a living but a long process of self-exploration and finally arriving. 


Meet Sheila. My cousin who’s born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Germany when she’s a kid and moved to the US  to study and work.  She lived there for decades and moved back to the Philippines to get a degree at 40 and then decided to move back to Germany after 40 to study nursing.


This podcast episode is where she talked about the struggles of moving around, going back to school and  starting to live her life after 40 and finally arriving at 48. 


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Ep 13 Sheila Erilla on F*cking Age,  The Beauty of Not Having Everything  Figured Out and Self-Exploration

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