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Questions to Ask Yourself at the End of Every Month

I ask myself questions at the end of every month to see if my actions are in alignment with my words and check if the promises I have made myself during the most difficult stages of my life to avoid feeling lost, confused, stuck, depressed and hopeless again. I call this my monthly life audit where I use these journal prompts to as guide.

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Life audit is like doing an inventory in businesses to see what office supplies does the company still have, what needs to be bought, what needs to be paid etc. and doing this for our lives means that we pause for a bit to reflect, check every aspect of our lives to know if we are where we really want to be and what can we do or change if not.

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Call me exaggerated but I do life audits not just every month but also every single day to make sure that I am doing the best for myself. It has gotten more important that I do this since becoming the content creator of my dreams and achieved the freedom I have once dreamed of.

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Otherwise, I’d just feel that life is eating me alive since my body didn’t know how to process peace, abundance and love. I have also learned to accept that there is really no healing and one must only learn how to live with it and living with it means sticking to the habits, healthy practices and routines that helped me heal my life.

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One of these practices is asking myself deep questions and answering them as honest as possible. This trick is very effective especially if we don’t know where we stand in life and overwhelmed by all life’s events, never ending choices we are faced and decisions we have to make every single day.

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Asking myself these questions allow me to continue to re-parent and show up for myself. This is also one of the things I do when I am alone and I make sure that I have a lot of alone time. Answering these questions is like having an honest and hard conversation with my soul where I listen to what it is telling without having the need to judge nor hate myself for them.

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I noticed that my total healing finally arrived when I stopped ignoring the answers these questions my soul has been giving me. Doing this also made me stop seeking love, acknowledgment, attention and validation from outside myself. Answering these questions every time I’d journal makes me release all my thoughts and emotions and gives me that feeling that I am seen, hard, loved and cared for.

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These are some of the questions that I ask myself at the end of every month.

How do I generally feel about this month?

What are the things that I feel grateful for this month?

What fun things did I do this month?

What lessons have I learned this month?

What have I found out or discovered about myself?

What new things have I tried this month?

What will I do more and what will I less and not anymore?

How did I connect with myself this month?

How much rest did I give myself?

How did I go out of my comfort zone this month?

How did I connect with people I love?

How did I show empathy?

What’s the most challenging thing this month?

Did I help other people this month? How can I help more?

With whom did I spend time with this month and how did spending time with them make me feel?

Which of my goals have I achieved this month?

How close am I to my goals?

What are the things that I know that are not working for me anymore that I am not going to do next month anymore?

How many books have I read this month?

Which of the healthy and good habits did I do so little this month and how can I do more of them next month?

What did I do to improve myself this month?

Did I move enough this month?

Did I rest and sleep enough?

Have I nourished and blessed my body with the right food?

Do I have thoughts, emotions and feelings that I am still keeping inside me that need to be released by either journaling, expressing and moving them out of my body?

How did I show myself some love, kindness and compassion this month?

What are the things that I did this month that made me proud of myself?

How did I celebrate my small wins this month?

What habits do I need to stop and what habits do I need to continue?

Did I stick to my budget this month? Did I save this month? If not, how can I handle my finances better next month?

Rate this month out of 10 (10 being the highest)

How do I want my next month to look like?

What should I focus on next month?

These may seem like simple questions but they helped me in knowing where I am in my life and where I still want to go. There are still days where I feel confused where to go next or what to try next but the good thing is that, I need not to do anything impulsively and the simplest yet best thing that I can do is to sit and ask myself important life questions and answer these questions with all honesty and in such a way that I’d still feel peace.

When I did, I felt deeply connected with myself and at home in my own body wherever I am and whatever it is I am doing.

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Questions to Ask Yourself at the End of Every Month

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