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9 Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love and Healing


I speak to myself. A lot. Especially lately that I have decided to rip my heart and mind open to make room for proper healing which meant that I am using top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top approach and not just focus on the present moment. I want to go as deep as I possibly can, find the root, cut it from there and not just merely scratch the surface. 

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I am also well aware that I seem to speak in riddles and that others think that I am dwelling in the past instead of enjoying more of the “nows” and looking forward to what the future brings.

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This is where my refusal to seek professional help lead me. I have finally found a book about trauma and healing that speaks about the type of approach my kind of personality and case requires.

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See, like brains and personalities, healing and approaches differ too and I am way beyond grateful that I have taken responsibility of my own healing and personal growth. 

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One of the things I do not just do everyday but every time that I don’t feel connected with my own temple especially if I feel that mental or spiritual health is declining. 

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I use affirmations. 

According to Wikipedia, “Affirmations in New Thought and New Age terminology refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”

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These affirmations, when spoken loudly, helps me rephrase all the negative words my younger self was told that became my  limit in achieving and becoming everything I wanted to be. 

These affirmations, when I see and recite them in the morning when I do my morning routine, helps me to feel that I am not just capable of everything but also, it sets a lovely mood for my day. 

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There are so many positive affirmations available on the internet but I have created my own as the others, though equally beautiful and empowering, don’t feel appropriate at times. 

These are the nine positive affirmations I have come up to soothe my tantruming inner child when she doesn’t want to cooperate in acting like an adult to participate and survive life. 

1. I am created to love and create. 

It is so easy to be discouraged when you get hurt and to be disappointed and frustrated when you don’t get the results you expected and when you are made to wait.

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But once you realized that to live a creative and spiritual life means that there are certain lessons that you still need to learn so you can use that as an inspiration to create further, you will learn how to embrace the suck and respect your own journey

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For me it is the same. I didn’t know nor expected that the life I have wished to live required so many lessons to be learned first before I can actually sit and turn them into art. That the challenges don’t seem to end and pain doesn’t seem to stop. 

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But if challenges will stop, life will stop too and so my art will. 
Repeating this affrimation has been making me live with the fact that this life is given for me keep evolving, loving and creating.

2. I am guided, loved and protected

When I felt so lost in my life and couldn’t understand why, I quit my job without money nor savings, I of course found myself more lost and broke but I didn’t stop even if I had to face my parents’ wrath and I had to string one job after the other despite having a degree and work experience in and outside our country

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That even if it took me years to find my way and even if I still feel like I am losing sight of where I am going, I must remind myself that I never really lost it, fall into drug addiction or required to be under medication for my depression because the Universe guides, loves and protects me. 

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It is so easy to forget this whenever I’d feel exhausted, hurt and impatient so I need to make it a point to recite this to remind myself that I have never been truly alone and never will be. 

3. I am a miracle magnet. 

How many times have I looked at the sky and thanked heavens whenever something  that I thought I’d never pull off  actually happens? I actually already lost count. 

The Universe listens to the faintest whispers of our hearts so it does actually helps to make our wishes come true not just because we wished for it but because the Universe sees that we back it up with actions too and that we are wiling to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty to achieve the goals we have set to accomplish. 

4. I am living in abundance

Quitting the corporate world without plans nor savings left me broke but money seem to never stop flowing and showing up whenever I needed it. 

Not just money but especially these days, ideas for creativity. 

After nearly three years of living a creative life, I still don’t run out of ideas and I still am being shown what to try and explore like podcasting. 

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As a content creator, it is normal to hit burn out and feel stuck but I since including this affirmation, the Universe doesn’t seem to stop giving ideas that it is hard not feel overwhelmed by how to execute them all. 

5. I am surrounded by  beauty. 

We attract what we manifest. 

What we focus on, grows. 

6. I am forgiving.

We get hurt and we hurt people we love even without intending to. And it is quite easy to remember the other’s faults and shortcomings and stay angry. But this anger, makes me feel heavy that I don’t want to make any space for that in my heart. 

So even if I know I should be angry with someone for whatever pain they caused me, I recite this every single day and letting go has never been easier. But I also learned that forgiving doesn’t mean welcoming them back to my life again.

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7. I am beautiful 

I tell myself everyday that beauty is kindness, compassion, creativity, intelligence and has nothing to do with how I look. And I will be more beautiful if I embrace my gifts and use my talents to pay my rent for being in this lifetime. 

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8. My life has a purpose.

 I didn’t realize earlier that my wish of seeing the world would push me to be alone  a lot of times even I didn’t want to and even if I realized that it is not to always run away was what I truly wanted to but to find myself and use my own voice. 

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To feel miserable with my own company and to desperately be with a man who couldn’t offer me the same love just I was giving just to feel that I have someone was the lowest and most pathetic point of my life. 

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I didn’t realize how much I have disrespected myself by allowing myself to base my being loveable and acceptable as a person by being with a man even I already knew that the man wasn’t capable of seeing my worth. 

That there’s actually a purpose why I was given this life and not just to find the man to spend my life with. That is okay if a person feels truly valued and loved. But to force it by lowering standards and accepting less than what you truly deserve just to feel complete isn’t. 

While it is normal to feel sad about a loss, there is always a reason and there is always a purpose greater than yourself. 

I use this affirmation to remind myself that everything that’s happening has a purpose. 

9. I am love.

I have already lost count of how much pain I have felt and I fear that all these pain will make me lose my softness and just harden up. But I sure don’t want that so I use this affirmation to remind myself that the reason why the Universe makes me want to feel pain so I would be more compassionate towards other people. It sure is what the world needs especially right now.

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Do you use affirmations? What’s your favorite? 

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