Phi Dang on Positivity, Confidence and Becoming her Own Boss


Have you ever heard someone speak and you’d automatically feel calmness and positivity flood all over your body you spaced out?

This has always been Phi Dang’s effect on me whenever I’d consume her content. I’d immediately feel positivity running in my veins that I couldn’t resist reaching out to talk to her to know how she became so confident, positive, her own boss and a huge bonus was the different directions where our conversation went conquering my fears of rejection in the process.

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Spaced out.

I already lost count of how many times I have used this word in this episode because that’s what happened to me most of the time while interviewing her. I spaced out a lot as if I needed not ask her questions and as if I was just listening to a meditation for relaxation audio.

S1E12: The Power of Mentors, Meditation and Spirituality

I promised myself that I’d be more honest to myself as I opened myself to connecting with people who inspired me through my podcast and despite the fact that I still am getting used to all of the foreign sensations brought by hosting a podcast.

I bumped into Phi’s work on Instagram and her calming voice, bright smile and positivity has what lead me to her feed where I found more reasons to love life.

Her account is one of those accounts I check everyday for motivation, kindness, personal growth and positivity. I can read her posts and listen to her talk the whole day.

Phi Dang is an intuitive human design life coach known as the ‘Positivity Queen.’ She helps clients all over the world shed past patterns and overcome their negative self talk to be happier and confident. She is known for helping people step into their power, to reclaim it and be more true to their authentic self.

And in this episode we talked about:

-losing her father at a very young age which led her to starting her self-improvement journey and explore her spirituality

S1E13: The Beauty of Not Having Everything Figured Out and Self-Exploration

-traveling the world solo

How a Painful Break Up Pushed me to Travel the World Solo

8 Life-Changing Truths I’ve Learned While Traveling the World as a Digital Nomad

-having a corporate job, starting a side hustle and then quitting her job only after 11 months

Dear Boss, Thank you Declining my Leave Request

S2E9: Ivana Skoric on Quitting College, Busting Limiting Beliefs and Success

-how to be confident

S1E14:Casually Normies Interviews Dani- On Confidence, Healing and Growth

-the effects on mental health of Asian families migrating to first world countries

S2E8:Michael Caberic on Growth, Toxic Filipino Mentality and Gender

Experiences Living Abroad and How They Changed Me.

-becoming a life coach to also help others

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-Importance of self-care, health and resting in business

Episode 11- How to Beat Overwhelm

S2E1: Comeback Episode: The Power of Taking a Break

The interview lasted for more than an hour but the positive energy she gave me is still with me, energizing and pushing me to be better.

I hope you enjoy this episode like how we enjoyed recording it.

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Phi Dang on Positivity, Confidence and Becoming her Own Boss

Connect with Phi:
Website: phidang.com
Instagram: @thephidang

Join her Masterclass Soul Sister Collective: phidang.com/soul-sister-collective

Follow me on Instagram @thisvillagegirl for daily dose of inspiration, motivation and self-love tips.

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