Casually Normies Interviews Dani- On Confidence, Healing and Growth

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In today’s episode, you will hear my very first podcast interview for Casually Normies for their podcast.


Casually Normies traces my story where I got my confidence and more on being lost, finding my purpose and embracing my spirituality.


At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be interviewed because I wasn’t used to giving my thoughts and the silent whispers of my soul a voice. Writing them down, publishing them as blog posts, social media posts and being interviewed for other websites was okay with me but actually speaking wasn’t. I was confident to write but not speak.


I never felt truly confident which was ironic because the topic was all about confidence and bouncing back from failure and I didn’t know that confidence in writing could be a different thing if I actually have my voice in it. Swipe up to listen to the full interview


To say that 2020 has been a tough year for me is an understatement however, looking back, none of the other previous years where I have spent actually trying to understand myself, love myself, train myself to be positive and pick up every wisdom from every poor life decision I have made was trying to give me can match 2020.


2020 has forced and pushed me to drop every single thing that’s weighing me down and cut my every wound open and insert my hand inside to actually fish for what still triggers me, hurts me instead of making myself believe that I have healed and I am okay but still avoiding every topic where I feel I am being triggered.


I didn’t immediately see the lessons it was intending to teach me which I have talked about on episodes 3 and 4.


I took a break for few months weeping in the nearby river to ask where does this life and where does my blogging journey want to take me. I was burnt out, overwhelmed, overfed, overweight yet malnourished and brokenhearted. I noticed that in that break, invitations to speak started coming in and instead of saying no, I said yes to them all until I wondered if that wasn’t a clue as to what I was supposed to be doing next and in December, I launched my own podcast.


I would like to thank Casually Normies for believing in me. Follow them on Instagram and check their podcast out for more inspiring and empowering stories.



Casually Normies Interviews Dani- On Confidence, Healing and Growth

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