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Minimalism: The Path that Lead me to Finding Myself

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Minimalism was as foreign as those exotic, far flung places I often daydream about and different cultures that I wanted to experience so bad.

For someone who called herself a shoe-addict for a very long time, minimalism never existed in my limited English vocabulary. My disease to collect different fashion magazines has compelled me to buy everything inside it. The more that I have, the happier and the cooler I felt. I never allowed a week to pass without me buying anything new as if I’m a Kardashian.

Moving to another country lead me to a begin a different story. Packing was the hardest thing I had to face. My emotional attachment to my shoe and dress collection made me feel a bit of remorse towards my mom’s friend, cousin and two of my village friends who were all waiting for whatever I will decide to leave behind.

Though my heart was breaking to see them touch my treasured collection, it was pointless. Something in me was sure that I will not be home a lot anymore so all of them need to go than perish in my closet. I needed to let go. I don’t know where moving to Malaysia will bring me but I just know that it is not back home soon yet.

That time I wished I was a centipede so I can bring all my shoes without having to worry about additional luggage expense. My shopping addiction didn’t stop there. Shopping in Malaysia is even crazier. Everything seemed cheaper. Most of the brands that I love in the Philippines almost never go on sale but in Malaysia it’s like they are giving them away. I hoarded them as if my life depended on it.

When I dated my Syrian ex-boyfriend, I was always secretly checking his closet out. It was so small. He’s been living in Malaysia for few years already but it seems like he never really bought anything new. I was judging him secretly too. Later on I learned that he lived in Qatar and Dubai too but it never occurred to me that he might be doing it intentionally because he knows that he might not be able to bring all of them again. I just accepted the fact that I was dating a guy who never invested on his outer appearance. His PhD was the main goal.

The second move was the worst for my closet. The same exact thing happened again but it has never occurred to me that my search for life’s meaning and purpose is slowly introducing me a totally different lifestyle. When I got accepted to teach in Ecuador and ready to move the third time, it dawned on me that I should stop buying things because later on, I will be forced to leave everything behind.

This is the time I started educating myself about possible concepts and principles that will guide me in getting more out of this short life. .

I bumped into the term minimalism. As I read further I learned simplicity from Japanese Zen Philosophy where it is incorporated with aesthetic and design elements to design buildings. Zen is about simplicity, freedom and essence of living.

I started practicing it until I no longer recognize my old self for the benefits it gave me.

Minimalism gave me so much time.

It made cleaning and tidying up faster. Getting dressed and getting ready is a breeze too. I no longer stare at my bursting closet and declare that I have nothing to wear. I now have a half-full and fully functional closet. I formulated a new set of rules for what goes and what stays. If I haven’t worn a piece for more than three months, it will go regardless of the season. I use the time to read and design the life that I want and proud to live.

Minimalism made me let go of the past.

As my de-cluterring skill improved, I got better at mastering the art of letting go and making room for new ones to come.  I gathered what I don’t need anymore and let them go. I took the boxes out. It is such a beautiful feeling to unload everything that doesn’t serve me any purpose anymore.

Minimalism stopped me from losing things.

When summer came and I needed my sunnies, I need not rummage my entire place to look for them because I only have one pair. I always know where I put it.

Minimalism made me spend less.

When I became a minimalist, I no longer find lingering near the shops useful because it is really tempting. I stopped browsing fashion magazines too. I’m happy to say that I am no longer a victim of consumerism. Big brands can create the demands to having more all they want but it will never have any effect on me. I only spend for things that make sense.

Minimalism has made me found myself in terms of what I am passionate about and what I am called to do in this life. When I stopped clinging to having more material things, I started loving what I am becoming. Being a minimalist made me discover my other talents. Having less stuff gave me more freedom. A clean space is just so inspiring to create more. It has cleansed my thoughts. A cluttered space only give me terrible headaches.

Minimalism has made me grateful for the things I have.

My stuff has more value to me than when I have a lot of them. I feel so much lighter. My life is simpler. If something is still working, I will not buy new ones. I am no longer defined by the clothes I wear or by the mobile phone I am using.

Minimalism has made me mindful.

It made me take a step backwards, look at any situation from a different angle and do what is really needed. Since I became a minimalist, I became more open minded. I have more time to understand things that I once skeptic about. Minimalism is allowing me to have the proper mindset to enjoy the life that I have now while working on getting the life that I want. It has made me embrace the art of living slowly and enjoying the simple life. Happiness doesn’t involve expensive material things. Happiness is the simple things and activities that make my heart sing.

Minimalism has lead me to live like a nomad everyday which makes me always ready to go. I don’t worry about other things. I don’t need much. After all, I couldn’t bring all the material things with me in my grave. I’m sure no one will include in their eulogy for me that I have a lot of killer heels, cute ballerina flats and empire cute dresses.

I still will credit my conversion to minimalism as a benefit of living abroad and wanting to experience more the beauty of everyday life. For this, I am willing to downsize everything. Because of this, I found myself.

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How minimalism helped me find myself




How minimalism helped me find myself

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This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. This is at no cost to you but helps me to provide awesome content regularly. Thanks for your support!

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  1. impressed! it’s hard to overcome the impulse to shop. I do find as I get older the less I need and have been going through stuff and getting rid of it. It can be hard to let go though!

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