7 Life Lessons One Month of Podcasting Taught Me

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How can podcasting teach life lessons? Well, life is the biggest teacher and no matter how much we think we know, there are still so many things that we can learn only if we are open enough to receive them.

I thought I hit the wall and felt stuck in my blogging journey and couldn’t figure out where to go next.

I was again questioning what should I be doing or where I should be going and my traumatized and still healing heart, body and brain couldn’t seem to help much that I also couldn’t seem to hear what my soul was telling me because all my other dreams were jumbled in my head and their whispers started turning to screams that I needed few speaking engagements to make me think that hey, maybe this is the time for me to launch my own podcast and that the next step for my written work would be to give them a voice.

So I gave in and started my research. I bombarded my BFF named Google to know all the basics of starting a podcast and man, it isn’t easy as they sound. But fast forward to one month and here are the things that I have realized when I said yes to being less scared of all things technical one day at a time.

Let me tell you that I am a 34-year old third world village girl who only knows how to turn my laptop on and off. I thought that I was too old to start learning anything. I thought my brain will not be able to retain any new information any more but this is the first thing that I have come to prove wrong.

Age is definitely just a number.

This is just one of the seven life lessons one month of podcasting taught me.

I thought that it would be impossible to learn and experience new things because I keep on hearing things like, “I am already too old to start, to change or to learn something new and that what I must be thinking of is to be with a man or to start my own family and to start building a better career or raise kids.”

But I realized that it is actually not a matter of age. It is a matter of how much I am willing to be uncomfortable to try things that I truly love that will make me feel that I am growing, improving and learning.

If you want to give podcasting a try, here are the things that I have learned in my first month of having mine.

If you have questions about blogging or podcasting or suggestions for topics and guests, feel free to comment or email me at dani@thisvillageirl.com.

If you also want to start your own blog, visit www.virtualbesties.com beacsue that’s where I share all things blogging.


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