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Mind, Body, and Soul: The Divine Balance

Mind, Body, and Soul: The Divine Balance

Life is what we make it.  You have wants, goals, and things that you enjoy, but you also have circumstances like a shortage of finances, sickness, relationship problems, and even time management. 

I know. I’ve been in all of these places at once and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it brought on a six month long bought with depression where I couldn’t eat, sleep, or think. 

Once I realized I was coming out of depression and healing, I vowed I would never go back to that place again and it’s taken a lot of trial and error.

My Depression Story  #Cringe

Some years ago I experienced a really rough time. It started with my maternal grandmother passing away.  Seven months later, my paternal grandmother passed away. One year and 15 days later, my father passed away suddenly from a heart attack. 

Around the same time, I found out that my boyfriend of five years was cheating on me. About four months after that, our dog was hit by a car and I had to put her to sleep. 

While I was experiencing all of this, I was at a banking job I hated and trying to figure out how things were going to work out financially so that my mother could stay in our family home. 

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It just became overwhelming and it was so much of a burden that I couldn’t’ begin to figure out any of it.  

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Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Life isn’t perfect now because perfection doesn’t exist.  I’ve learned that perfection limits growth. So for starters, one way that I deal with circumstances now is to be grateful for them! 

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I know that may sound crazy and it is. But it’s crazy good! When I sulk, worry, and bring out the “why me” attitude, I take myself out of the realm of receiving good things. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m human and I get upset, cry, scream, and curl up in my bed in the fetal position in confusion, misunderstanding, anger, and fear. But I quickly put myself back in the realm of receiving.  It has taken a long time for me to master this but it has changed my life. 

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Here are the things that keep me balanced and help me live above my circumstances.

The Law of Attraction

One day I was meditating and came across the revelation that the universe has my back.  When hurt or loss happens, it happens to cause some aspect of growth within. When odd things happen, I’ve learned to be open to them because that’s when the universe is placing me in a particular place for a specific reason. 

Challenges are meant to be faced head on. The main thing that stuck out to me was that I was allowing myself to wallow in pain, grief, and feeling sorry for myself which took me directly out of the path of receiving from the universe. 

Looking at the happenings of my past up until now, I started to feel grateful because I realized how much the universe had my back even when I was working against it. So my question was how much more could I be in sync with the Universe if I understood that the Universe is working for me and not against me. 

Here’s an example, I prayed and asked God for a companion, one that would love me and accept me for who I am, a soul mate.  For years I thanked the universe for this person.

On the 5th year, a good friend and a coworker of mine asked me to go with her to a bridal shower that I wasn’t invited to.  I didn’t want to go. I was tired, had a long week, and Sundays are my days to relax for the week ahead…..But I went.

We stayed in a hotel together and she, against my will, set up an online dating account. 

The next day, I met the guy that I’ve been in a relationship with since 2015, the love of my life, my other half, my best friend. Without those events, I may have never met him. 


I started practicing yoga to be one with my body and mind.  It relieves stress, increases flexibility and strengthens the muscles.  I feel that it increases patience as well because most poses take time to master. You have to do them regularly to get good at them.

Yoga helps relieve pain associated with stress and exercise.

My favorite pose is the headstand as it relieves headaches and eye strain.


I always call meditation one of my best friends because it has put me in a place to take control of my thoughts. It allows me to focus on the things that matter instead of wasting my time worrying about things I don’t have control of. 

It allows me to see who I am and the strength and power that lies within. I was a rocking chair syndrome practitioner. All I did was worry! Meditation allows me to question my thoughts and rewrite them, dismiss them, or put some sort of action in place to overcome the circumstance. 

Some meditations that have helped me mentally and physically are on the subjects of forgiveness, self-love, and healing. 


Journaling is a great way to note your thoughts and events of your daily life. 

Journaling is such a great tool because after a couple of weeks you can skim through what you have written and see growth opportunities. 

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You can see your triggers, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, how you are progressing, and if you are staying on the right path to make a difference. I encourage you to give journaling a try.  You don’t have to write a page. It can just be a paragraph. Depending on the day, I only write a few lines but it all counts!

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Now I know you are wondering about the pineapple.  LOL Besides being beautiful and delicious, pineapple has tryptophan which causes the body to produce serotonin, the feel good hormone. 

It also contains digestive enzymes that help break down food. Last, it speeds up recovery after a hard workout or an injury. For me personally, it helps me stay in a good mood, even on a stressful day.  It keeps my gut balanced as well.

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These are the things that have enabled me to stay in tune with myself and manage my mental health.  I encourage you to try them out to see which one works best for you. And don’t forget, you have everything you need to live a divine life.

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Mind, Body, and Soul:  The Divine Balance

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