Episode 11- How to Beat Overwhelm

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There’s corporate or employed overhwelmed and there’s creative entrepreneur overwhelmed.



This is what I have found out as I have hopped and switched between them throughout the years and in my journey that started from leaving my old life and switched from juggling odd jobs, learning a new language, my blog, learning to promote it, finding ways to monetize it and how I can find ways to scale while still making sure that I am still producing quality content that is still in alignment with what I am all about without sacrificing my own hollistic health and my purpose.



In this episode I talked about the things I do when I feel like my all the items on my to-do list are screaming and demanding my attention.



In the nearly three years that I have been blogging and now 2 months of podcasting while finishing the workbook that I will be publishing soon, I was bombarded with tasks and the reality that I must publish a new episode for the podcast.
I have prepared and I actually was able to come up with a topic and had a lot of points to deliver and discuss but because of the other ideas and tasks that I needed to do, I doubted the quality of my own work and decided to take a break becausw when you’re a creative entrepreneur, tasks never end and ideas never stop not to mention that I am a highly sensitive person who has a trace of depression in my DNA so I am very careful because one anxiety attack can last me few days to receover so I am very mindful about my triggers and patterns. 
I became more vigilant and honest in how I feel in which I have became more aware through journaling and meditation. 
So instead of forcing myself to record and edit and publish a new episode, I decided to take a break. 

To be able to create in batch, I need to learn how to automate my content promotion and online presence. I am using automation tool like Tailwind for Pinterest. Instagram and Facebook posts can also be scheduled in advance. 



This has saved me a lot of time by manually pinning on Pinterest. If you want to try Tailwind,  here is my affiliate link which will give you a month of FREE trial.   



What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? I’d love to see your tips and what works for you in the comment section. 



Also, you can listen to the other podcast episodes here or on Spotify.



 How to Beat Overwhelm


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