From the UK to Vietnam with Conor of ComebaCK Podcast

“Show up.” This is what I have learned in this podcast episode where I chatted with Conor Kelly of ComebaCK Podcast. We went ahead and even if my left ear barely heard anything and I stammered and my anxiety attack made me ate my words that the only way out was through. I never imagined having anxiety attack in the middle of an interview I looked forward to doing.

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Though I claimed my left ear couldn’t hear, I clearly heard my heart beating wildly inside my chest it could burst. I felt like I failed and though I was tempted to ask to reschedule it, I fought it. I didn’t have the heart to cut him mid-sentence especially when what he’s saying was that good that I didn’t really care if I couldn’t stand listening to myself and to the nonsense that was coming from my mouth.

I was tempted to clean everything post prod but stopped myself. I told myself, “it is okay not to be perfect.” I am still learning and this is a major part of my journey as a podcaster. And why would I be ashamed to fail in front of someone who also started from scratch and now has published more than 300 episodes? Of all people, he’s the one whom I know would understand.

In this episode, Conor talks about his journey that lead to Vietnam. He’s from Manchester, England and now teaching and hosting his own podcast in Vietnam where he interviews inspiring people who weren’t also afraid to courageously give life a try and live it not as we normally know it and bounce back higher than whatever lead them to spiral to rock bottom.

I have learned so much from this chat and I hope you too.

You can listen to his podcast  on Spotify and all other podcast distribution platforms. You can also check more of his work at thecomebackwithck on Instagram.


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