The Evening Routine that Helps me Fight Anxiety

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I am a very anxious person and overthinking is my hobby. I love scrutinizing everything and if I go to sleep without doing these rituals, I’d be up tossing and turning all night. This Evening Routine helps me fight anxiety and allows me to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to show up for the day fully to smash goals and give it my all.

You can call me OCD or a person with obsessive compulsive disease but since I started juggling blogging, different kinds of odd jobs to survive, learning a new language and now this podcast, I just need some order in my life especially when the world decided to pause.

Without these evening routine, I’d probably need some sleeping pills, alcohol to wind down a bit or any other pills that will help me calm down.

If I didn’t design an evening routine, I’d live in chaos and I would continue eating trash and I’d forever operate on overwhelm and I’d never recover from depression, burnout and and I’d always be overwhelmed.

While it isn’t easy to have new habits to stick, I asked myself questions like, do I always want to feel like a headless chicken running and aiming for the exit in the maze I am in or will I be willing to sacrifice and train myself to follow these steps and live in peace in knowing that I am taking care of myself and have a control of my life?

It was clear to me that I love calling my life my own life so I religiously do these things even if I always don’t like to to be able to continuously feel centered, inspired and ready to create.

These are the things that I do every night. It wasn’t of course easy at first but like a puppy, the brain can be trained and after a month, I have new set of habits that help me be closer to my goals.

Do you have an evening routine? What is your favourite part of it?

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The Evening Routine that Helps me Fight Anxiety

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