Dr Sophia Godkin-The Happiness Doctor on Childhood, Mental Health and Questions she gets as a Psychologist

Have you ever wondered what questions psychologists answer or what connection the mind and body have or the importance of childhood to adults’ life?

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In this episode, we have Dr Sophia Godkin. Dr Sophia is a Health Pyschologist, Happyiologist, Happiness and Relationship and Transformational Coach. Dr Sophia is the author of The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal, The Happiness Journal and published her most recent book, The Soul Journey. She is also the doctor behind The Happiness Doctor. Dr Sophia also recently appeared on Canada’s number one morning show, Breakfast Television, where she talked about practices that can enhance happiness.

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Dr Sophia taught and is teaching people of all ages and backgrounds the principles and practices of happiness, self-love and healing whether in the form of individual coaching, writing or group education. Dr Sophia is known for depth, lightheartedness and transformative potential of her work.

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This episode is very special to me because I didn’t seek professional help when my mental health declined. I took my healing in my own hands for three reasons. I was ashamed, I couldn’t afford treatment, I was under the impression that no Psychologist or Psychotherapist would ever understand me, my culture and hence, where I was coming from and lastly, I wanted to be the one figuring out myself because I felt like it I owe it to myself.

So even if I couldn’t describe and justify why I was behaving how I was behaving and what I was going through, I rolled my sleeves up and did the job by reading not just personal development and spiritual but trauma recovery and other mental health related books that normally Psychologists and Psychotherapists would use.

It was overwhelming that I needed to google to get a bigger picture of what I was reading. I also loved what I was seeing that I went ahead and did more research and reading as if I was doing my masters or even doctorate degree in Psychology.

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I wondered how it would feel and how my life would look like if I would apply what I have been learning.

I started applying everything these books said.

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Some tricks, tips, theories and suggestions worked and some didn’t. I needed to experiment a lot so that I could find out what works. It was challenging to change the habits and form them to routine, belief system and culture that’s why my healing and transformation took a year and a half and the entire finding myself thing, six years in total.

I could have saved time had I had the courage to reach out for professional help but I also figured, I’d do it for myself so I need not scrimp on time or patience for myself but realizing what it caused me to heal and how much I craved for resources then, I wanted to provide a place where people who are experiencing what I experienced then so I said I’d have a Psychologist on the podcast.

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She isn’t just a Psychologist who just learned the theories in school but also experienced so much. What I liked about her story was the fact that she didn’t just learn the theories. She also applied them to herself. A perfect example of embodiment and wouldn’t treat patients and clients as a piece of meat.

Coming from a family who immigrated from Belarus to the States made a part of me already felt understood when it comes to the mental health impacts to the children having cultures already clashing at home.

In this episode, we talked about:

-The difference between Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist

-The connection of mental and physical health

-The importance of childhood in adult’s life

-Most common questions she gets as a Psyhologist

-How parents migrating to first world countries prepare their children to avoid intense mental health effects that can lead to more trauma they must heal from in their adult life

-Why we must not feel ashamed of asking for professional help when we feel that our mental health is declining

-More on self-love, compassion for one’s self and more on healing journey

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