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6 Minimalist Gift Ideas

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It’s just nearly three weeks before Christmas and I can already hear people thinking of what they should be giving as gifts to people they love. Practicing minimalism just made me shrug but I wanted to create a gift guide however, I felt like a fraud. I felt like a fake minimalist but I am not taking it back.


Travel alone has helped me change my life. At least the start of it. When travel lost its appeal to me, I became more interested in living in a country for quite some time to be able to deeply immerse myself into its culture. The main thing for me is to study how my fellow third world country citizens think and act upon living in rich, first world countries and second, to at least prove to first world citizens that not every third world citizen is the same. It made me very sad how my fellow third world citizen call these countries “the land of opportunities” making us “opportunists”. It is a challenge to move past the stereotype. I felt ashamed. It taught me what not to be like and the more that I am eager to be out there, to observe, to listen and to learn and most importantly, to be the living proof that not everyone from third world countries are blinded by how others define opportunities.


Living abroad has killed the old me and it has started with a simple itch to travel. This is the main reason why I made that guide. It was an indirect invitation to experience the magic and beauty of life that we often don’t see because we are so focused on its adversaries. We make sure to blurt them out loud for everyone to hear it. For everyone to agree. We focus so much on how to make our retirement comfortable while forgetting the beauty of now and to grow as much as we can through these hardships.


Black Friday came and I didn’t nudge. The only thing I bought was a book to help me better understand things I still haven’t. I can easily make so much money for promoting stuff but it is not aligned with my truth as a minimalist and even if I know that people I know might benefit on that, I still fought the urge to invite people I know to shop things they don’t really need and worse, might lead them to fall into debt. I learned how to only write about what I truly believe in. My closet is half full and I can’t be happier.


This is the thing that I love about the Germans. Their sensibility and practicality learned from the hardship that scarcity from World War taught them. (Or maybe just the older and wiser ones.)


Instead of showering someone gifts that they might not use, they ask them what they want and it makes so much sense.


Instead of what could be a potential clutter later on, they give experience as gifts or a thoughtless gift will end up being recycled and given away too. It’s never about the fancy wrapper or the amount of the gift. There is nothing to be bragged about. I guess when everyone can afford everything, fairness prevails. And I guess, when one realizes that nothing in this material world really matters, one becomes a minimalist.


In the world of wanting to have more stuff, here’s what to give instead:


Gift cards

The person can decide what to buy instead of receiving something that will never be put to use. One might say that it is not a well thought of gift but it actually is.

Food or cookies

Anything homemade and self-made is more appreciated. Effort and time were used and it is beyond valuable plus in less than a week, they will all be gone.


Because who doesn’t love wine?

Wellness pack

Because self-love is the best form of love that we can invest on. We can’t give what we don’t have. (Or try my homemade body scrub recipe here)


Before I came to Germany, I thought I know a lot of things because I love reading. Upon seeing how big their houses are and there are actually rooms intended just for their books, I felt ashamed of myself. Even men read in the buses and trains. Men where I am from would never do that. They need to maintain manliness and being a book nerd is not in the manliness guide. They know more than I do but they aren’t as obnoxious as me. There is no hint of cockiness in their voices. (Well, there are some but I know how to keep my distance.)


Books to Read to Stay Sane, Inspired and Motivated.

Books That Will Make the Rest of Your 2018 More Awesome


I never really appreciated the power of flowers to make a place more alive and happier until I started experiencing dark, cold winter days. I now have acquired simple joys of having weekly flowers and the happiness in actually changing and arranging them. It’s like a happiness ritual for me and I can’t blame the Germans for giving flowers a big importance in their lives. With flowers, one can never go wrong.


How about you? How do you plan to make the gift giving tradition better? Let me know on the comments below.

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minimalist gift ideas

minimalist gift ideas


This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. This is at no cost to you but helps me to provide awesome content regularly. Thanks for your support!

20 thoughts on “6 Minimalist Gift Ideas

  1. Such good ideas! I especially love the wellness pack idea, I often gift massage coupons at wellness saloons, people always love it and, most importantly, use it 🙂

  2. I like the idea of giving an experience or something homemade. In fact, when we were young and poorer, we struggled with what to buy my mother in law—who seemed to have everything—and finally gave up competing with my brother in law for what larger, fancier gift to give her. Eventually, I decided that we couldn’t go wrong with sharing a year of pictures of our kids in a yearly calendar. When I started, I made the whole thing by hand and it took time and money that we really didn’t have, but she cherished it. After that, we found printing services that would do them and we started giving them to all the older relatives who may not have gotten to see how our kids had grown. It became our family’s giving tradition and something that no more expensive gift could top. Thanks for sharing ways to give meaningfully.

  3. all of these suggestions are great! A gift card is always great for those you don’t know so well, and a care package for close friends- it’s always my favorite!

  4. I agree that both gift cards and books make great gifts. I appreciate gift cards because I can get exactly what I want, and with books, I always pick out personalized books. My mom tends to like realistic fiction while my dad enjoys nonfiction books about history and science, so I always pick books that cater to this.

  5. These are all great gift ideas. My personal favorites are the flowers and the wellness pack. Also, the gift card is a great gift for those you don’t know so well. Love the post!

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