4 Books to Add your Feel Good Reading List

I’m a nerd and I don’t mean that lightly. In between wearing different hats especially in trying times, heartaches, healing, fears, confusion, adulting and money issues, I still itch to go home to my books, buy new books and wonder if I’m reading enough self-help books but this lockdown season, I allowed myself few feel good books.

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My love for books saved me and still saving me from my intrusive thoughts, from always pressing my self-destruct button and the possibility of being drifted far away to oblivion.

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Books helped me put name to my emotions and experiences I’ve had that I couldn’t seem to articulate. The more experiences I’ve had, the more that I feel the need to read. The deeper I feel that I need to bury my nose between the pages of my books.

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I have long enough (semi) stopped consuming fiction books even if I couldn’t totally stop myself from glancing over to the fiction section of my favorite bookstore nor resist the urge to break the spell nor fight being hypnotized. I still would find myself caressing the covers and leafing through the pages and reading the blurb. The hardest is always fighting the current that takes me to the counter to pay for the book because….

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The more books I buy, the more I feel “high”. I now understand drug addicts and what they feel every time they’ll get their fix. It’s orgasmic. It’s beautiful. It’s pure bliss.

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Corona made me stay home brokenhearted, overwhelmed and burnt out that I couldn’t find the courage to go on achieving my goals. I just couldn’t find the courage to go on. It left me asking where else should I go to feel home, loved and being cared for?

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I even stopped looking at the still high pile of my unread self-help books. I badly needed an escape even if the pandemic says I must only stay at home. Stay at home I did with these four feel good books that sped up my recovery.

The Return by Nicholas Sparks

Does Mr Sparks ever disappoint? Though my heart just got broken and I must be bitter and still traumatized to even think of falling in love again, this book made me feel as if I just entered a new relationship.

Not to spoil anything but it’s as if the Universe truly wanted me to read this book because some mental health issues were discussed casually yet meaningfully that I felt as if I have read some of the books I bought to understand mental health better.

Though the book was quite big and kept falling into my face whenever I would attempt to read laying down, that really didn’t stop me and my heart from feeling the beauty of life and love again. Though seemingly big and thick, it was a fast read and I tried to read it as slow as I could and only won for three days.

Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella

I found myself laughing out loud at 11 pm on between pages 76 to 78. That’s how delighted I was to have read this book that I have memorized the pages.

This book has put into words my views, some and not yet all, about dating and what happened to my last relationship. And, being a writer, a freelancer and a vegetarian who wants to try a lot of things in life, this book hit a lot of soft spots in me that I was caught between guffaws and sobs and nods.

Sophie Kinsella made the young Danica a bookhoarder and though I was thinking of getting a non-fiction book that day, I went to the store before my German class, I went out and forgive myself for wanting a little more self-love.

A lot has changed since I fell in love with Sophie Kinsella but my love for her work and wits remains the same and sometimes I think the more she got older, the better her writing has become. She is a blessing.

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

I was in the middle of listening to The Tim Feriss Show’s podcast interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert where she was talking about her writing process for this book and it so happened that I just passed by the street where this little book store was that I couldn’t stop myself from turning around and checking if the book was already there given the fact that it was just released few weeks ago. And it was and I bought it not caring if I still would eat the next days.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat. Pray. Love., the movie that I keep on watching whenever I’ll find myself not understanding what I am doing with my life and why I left my old life, my secure job and my little lovely world. City of Girls is a work of fiction but Elizabeth Gilbert is one of those authors who can switch to non-fiction to fiction smoothly you wouldn’t think there’s actually a difference in these two book genres that not every author could do.

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I couldn’t have read this book in a more perfect time where every self-confidence, self-esteem, inspiration and motivation or even self-love and worth have been exhausted from my entire being and I finished the book with revived spirits. I felt empowered and inspired to give myself an interesting life again.

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The Anchor by Paulo Coelho

Coelho’s The Alchemist is one of the first books that changed my life, my mindset and how I view my suffering, my journey and unique traits and finally use my talents, start embracing my God-given gifts and live the life that I have always wanted.

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The Anchor is a very simple yet full of wisdom and invitation to reflect on what matters to us, our goals and how to go about hitting it. I was hooked to its simplicity. However, I must add that I have expected so much from his new book probably because Hippie, his life story, was the last of his work that I have read and I was probably still hangover from it that I expected more.

The cover, illustration and the feel of the book and it’s message somehow made it up. If it wasn’t for my love for Coelho’s works, I’d say the book was a bit pricey. I couldn’t stop myself from finishing the cute little book in less than two hours.

Though it was the case, my soul was happy. This book reminded me of how I want to continue living and exploring my spirituality and reminded me to sit and finish the last chapters of my book.

If you’re looking for books to add your feel good reading list, lockdown reading list or gift ideas for your booklover loved ones, check these books out. I am always looking for books to read. Let me know in the comments what should I read next. =)

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